Top 10 Extreme Horror Fiction of 2021 Top 10 Extreme Horror Fiction of 2021 Top 10 Extreme Horror Fiction of 2021

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night stockers

1. The Night Stockers by Kristopher Triana and Ryan Harding 

Two Splatterpunk Award-winning authors team up to deliver a gory horror comedy about the retail hell unleashed by one rival grocery store onto another as the cult of murderous Satanists running one store attack their competition. It leads to “a bloody battle royale of crazed cashiers, knife-wielding demo ladies, brutal butchers, and teenage clerks determined to make their favorite death metal albums come true.” 


thing shave gotten worse

2. Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke by Eric LaRocca 

An acclaimed epistolary novella chronicling the communication of two lonely young women in an internet chat room in the early 2000s. The relationship descends into darkness as they succumb to their most horrific desires. 


beyond reform

3. Beyond Reform by Jon Athan, Aron Beauregard, and Jasper Bark 

A trio of Splatterpunk Award-winning authors unleash two stories each about the wicked souls of society, including a meth-dealing maniac, an internet predator, a depraved couple, a group of women devoted to a serial killer, a deviant funeral parlor director, and a mass murderer. 


body shocks

4. Body Shocks edited by Ellen Datlow 

Edited by the 2010 Bram Stoker Awards Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Body Shocks is an anthology featuring 29 extreme tales of body horror at its shocking best. Includes stories by Carmen Maria Machado, Richard Kadrey, Seanan McGuire, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Nathan Ballingrud, Tananarive Due, Cassandra Khaw, Christopher Fowler, and many more.


bakers dozen

5. Baker’s Dozen edited by Candace Nola 

Uncomfortably Dark presents an anthology of thirteen tantalizing tales of terror with stories ranging from delightful to disturbing. Features works by Jeff Strand, Christine Morgan, Ruthann Jagge, Aron Beauregard, Lee Franklin, Chris Miller, Patrick C. Harrison III, Carver Pike, Kenzie Jennings, Daniel Volpe, Rowland Bercy Jr., Candace Nola and M. Ennenbach. Includes a special foreword by Jeff Strand as well as his Splatterpunk Award-winning short story “Baker’s Dozen.”


shattered skies

6. Shattered Skies by Chris Miller 

A collection of ten tales of terror and suspense, featuring a foreword by Splatterpunk Award-winning editor Patrick C. Harrison III. Christine Morgan, the Splatterpunk Award-winning author of Lakehouse Infernal, praises the collection, saying, “Some books bring the horror. This one also brings the anguish, grief, desperation, despair, and a stark soul-hollowing terror. My nerves are not okay right now.” 


ocular bleeding

7. May Cause Unexplained Ocular Bleeding by Nikolas P. Robinson 

A collection of ten stories “ranging from the brutal and bleak to the bizarre and surreal.” Includes tales of a drunk driver experiencing unimaginable consequences; a beloved pet whose accidental sacrifice opens the gates of Hell; and “Horseplay,” a disturbing story about a pornographic tape.


devoured and dead

8. The Devoured and the Dead by Kristopher Rufty 

A Splatter Western novel of survival about three families traveling to claim their share of the gold rush who get stranded deep in a North Carolina forest during winter, leading to a desperate and depraved act that unleashes a horrific curse.


only the stains remain

9. Only the Stains Remain by Ross Jeffery 

The haunting story of two brothers whose lives are destroyed after their mother dies when three abusive uncles move into the family home, prompting one brother to enact vengeance for what they had to endure.



10. Talia by Daniel J. Volpe 

Follow Talia, a Midwest dreamer turned porn star, into the seedy underbelly of society as she embarks on a “sanity-straining journey, full of hot bloodshed and betrayal.” By the Splatterpunk Award-winning author of Plastic Monsters. 

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