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Malevolent Dark is always looking for volunteer contributors that love the horror genre and that can provide interesting and new perspectives on the state of the art. We are looking for people that can offer opinions, review pre-releases, compose lists and do cool stuff. We have opportunities for exclusive interviews with producers, cast and crew. We have tons of opportunities for creative horror fans to get involved in the business of horror.

Not only are we looking for qualified writers, we are looking for personalities. The best parts of the horror community come from the diversity in backgrounds and opinions. We want writers that have something to say and can let their personality come through the writing.

If you love writing and have the ability to express your ideas in long-form, we would love to consider you work. Please contact us at to join our fantastic team of writers. Get involved. Let us know!


Current Needs

  • Senior contributors can commit to 2 releases a month
  • Associate contributors can commit to 1 release a month
  • Guest contributors can request alternative arrangements

We need people interested in:

  • Pre-release screeners
  • Interviewing film makers, actors and content providers
  • Alternative media (video games, performance, art etc)
  • Streaming horror
  • New and classic horror literature
  • Editorial columns
    • Sociopolitical commentary
    • Diversity in horror
    • Sub-genre specialization
    • Horror history
    • Cultural impacts of horror
    • International Horror
  • Technical film analysis
  • Dark’s Debrief
  • Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)