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The Exorcist (1973) – 50 Years of Sucking ***** in Hell

This year, The Exorcist (1973) celebrates its 50th anniversary. For many, it is the most seminal horror movie ever made. To others, it transcends the horror genre to become something akin to a shrine, or idol. You should all know the story. Pre-teen Regan McNeil (Linda Blair), the most unpopular girl in all of Georgetown judging by the dearth of friends, is so bored that the

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Down and Out in Vampire Hills (2022) – A Charming Horror Comedy Short

We just got our hands on a horror short titled Down and Out in Vampire Hills (2022) directed by Craig Railsback (Dark Classics) and written by Heather Joseph-Witham (Vampires in the Big Easy) This one is currently making the rounds (and clocking major awards) at several film festivals and we wanted to give it a look. To date, we have reviewed any

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Nightmare #1 - Malevolent Dave's Stain of Mind

Nightmare #1 – Malevolent Dave’s Stain of Mind

In this volume, Dave covers the 1981 Video Nasty, Nightmare, the impotent psychological horror of Session 9, Ti West’s ode to the babylonian demon Tom Noonan, Slayer’s nu metal experiement, David Cronenberg’s crimes of the present and the up and coming Evil Dead Rise!

Zack Puckett's Corpse Grinder

Zack Puckett’s Corpse Grinder – COMING SOON

Zack Puckett, frequent contributor to Malevolent Dark, spends his days digging through the proverbial dusty crates to find the most disturbing and most obscure in EXTREME horror. In short, Zack watches the seedy underbelly of the horror world… so I don’t have to.

Malevolent Dark - Write for MD!

Love horror? Write for Malevolent Dark!

Malevolent Dark is always looking for volunteer contributors that love the horror genre and that can provide interesting and new perspectives on the state of the art. We are looking for people that can offer opinions, review pre-releases, compose lists and do cool stuff. We have opportunities for exclusive interviews with producers, cast and crew.

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The Ichtyoids - Lovecraftian horror vibes and compelling practical effects

Antarctican fishmen and exhilarating nautical winter horror – Freeze (2022)

Am I biased? Absolutely. Nautical winter horror is my second favorite niche genre and this checked a lot of boxes for me. Was Freeze (2022) objectively good? What is objectivity if not implicit bias? Let’s get into the synopsis before I get too carried away. Directed by Charlie Steeds (Werewolf Castle) in ...
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Art's Hacksaw Handiwork

All Hallows Eve (2013) – Introducing Art the Clown

I started watching and writing almost immediately after watching 2016's horror film, Terrifier. I found myself so smitten with Terrifier and Art the Clown, that I had to know more. After a bit of research I learned that Damien Leone created Art the Clown as part of a short horror film ...
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Tenebrae - Dario Argento's unique shot framing

Tenebrae (1982) – Essential Giallo

Featured in Malevolent Dark's "The Definitive Best - Top 10 Horror Movies of 1982", Dario Argento's Tenebrae possibly represents the pinnacle of his faceless slasher films. While not necessarily his last great work, this film may be one of the best examples of Argento's stylistic approach colliding with an excess of ...
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Black Mountain Side - Suicide

Black Mountain Side (2015) – Clever Canadian Independent Horror

While the readership of Malevolent Dark continues to grow, to date only a few people in the circle actually make recommendations for content. I'd like to thank my friend and colleague, Chris,  once again for supporting our work, as well as providing awesome material to review. His latest recommendation concerns ...
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Camille Keaton as Jennifer - Brutalized and Ready for Revenge

I Spit on Your Grave (1978) – A Horrific Tale of Revenge

I grew up in the age of video stores. In my town there was special store that was different from all others. In the horror section of the average video store you may find the likes of Halloween and Friday the 13th. You might even be able to find something ...
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Halloween 2 (2009) - Laurie Strode, played by Scout Taylor-Compton, teeters on the edge of sanity

Halloween 2 (2009 ): The Directors Cut – Halloween Fans LOVE to HATE

There may be no horror franchise remake more maligned than Rob Zombies reimagining of the classic slasher film, Halloween (1978). In fact, this series is so maligned that the great John Carpenter himself thought enough about it to kick dirt on it after its release. It's a natural fan reaction to ...
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The Thing (2011) - Assimilating the Crew

The Thing 2011 – Great Idea, OK Movie

The John Carpenter classic The Thing 1982 often tops greatest of all-time lists. The Thing 1982 deserves every bit of praise as it's nearly perfect in execution. It takes a sizable ego to even think of following it up, even after 29 years. The Thing 2011, directed by Matthijs van ...
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Pearl (2022) - Mia Goth rages as the titular Pearl

Pearl (2022) – 5 things kickass things about Ti West’s prequel

In early 2022 Director Ti West and his team released a love letter to 70's horror with X (2022). Lead actress Mia Goth brilliantly portrays two fantastic characters: an old and the grizzled murderess named Pearl, and the young vibrant porn-star, Maxine. Knowing the radical success of both of these ...
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Bermuda Island - Mahal Empire
Obscene Desire (1975) - Amanda's sexually demonic traits exude from her as the exorcism commences

L’osceno desiderio (Obscene Desire, 1975) – #NineTenthsOfTheLaw

Overall: This is the sixth in a series of articles looking at Eurocult films from the 1970s and 1980s that focus on a theme of diabolical/demonic possession. The international popularity of William Friedkin’s The Exorcist (1973) provoked a slew of European horror films about diabolical possession; peaking in the mid-1970s, ...
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Human Tenderloin - Short Horror Stories by Craig Wallwork
Tourist Trap - A Hint of Leatherface

Tourist Trap (1979) – An Unconventional Slasher

By 1979, the slasher revolution prepared to launch into full swing. John Carpenter has just released Halloween. Friday the 13th loomed right around the corner. No matter what the holiday, everybody feared for their life. In between, David Schmoeller directed a little film called Tourist Trap pushed the limits of ...
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