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Teddy Told Me To (2022) – A fluffy bloodbath from Tom Devlin

We are taking an early look at Tom Devlin’s debut at the directing helm of his new feature film, Teddy Told me To. Tom Devlin is no newcomer to the horror genre. He much experience providing the special effects for many movies such as, Freakshow (2007), Someone’s Knocking at the Door (2009), and Puppet Master X (2012) as well as many other Full Moon Feature

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Down and Out in Vampire Hills (2022) – A Charming Horror Comedy Short

We just got our hands on a horror short titled Down and Out in Vampire Hills (2022) directed by Craig Railsback (Dark Classics) and written by Heather Joseph-Witham (Vampires in the Big Easy) This one is currently making the rounds (and clocking major awards) at several film festivals and we wanted to give it a look. To date, we have reviewed any

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Nightmare #1 - Malevolent Dave's Stain of Mind

Nightmare #1 – Malevolent Dave’s Stain of Mind

In this volume, Dave covers the 1981 Video Nasty, Nightmare, the impotent psychological horror of Session 9, Ti West’s ode to the babylonian demon Tom Noonan, Slayer’s nu metal experiement, David Cronenberg’s crimes of the present and the up and coming Evil Dead Rise!

Zack Puckett's Corpse Grinder

Zack Puckett’s Corpse Grinder – COMING SOON

Zack Puckett, frequent contributor to Malevolent Dark, spends his days digging through the proverbial dusty crates to find the most disturbing and most obscure in EXTREME horror. In short, Zack watches the seedy underbelly of the horror world… so I don’t have to.

Malevolent Dark - Write for MD!

Love horror? Write for Malevolent Dark!

Malevolent Dark is always looking for volunteer contributors that love the horror genre and that can provide interesting and new perspectives on the state of the art. We are looking for people that can offer opinions, review pre-releases, compose lists and do cool stuff. We have opportunities for exclusive interviews with producers, cast and crew.

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All Hallows Eve (2013) – Introducing Art the Clown

I started watching and writing almost immediately after watching 2016's horror film, Terrifier. I found myself so smitten with Terrifier and Art the Clown, that I had to know more. After a bit of research I learned that Damien Leone created Art the Clown as part of a short horror film ...
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Death Count (2022) - Costas Mandylor returns to the torture porn arena as The Warden

Death Count (2022) – Blood soaked social media from Mahal Empire

Mahal Empire released Death Count (2022) through Gravitas Ventures back in July of this year. For those that not keeping score, Sonny Mahal his brother Michael have been making waves, raising funds and cranking out high-quality horror, action and thriller flicks. Sonny has been kind enough to give us early access ...
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The Black Phone (2022) - Ethane Hawke as The Grabber

The Black Phone (2022) – Well Made Mediocrity

Directed by Scott Derricksen and and written by C. Robert Cargill, The Black Phone reunites a power packed duo that took on Hollywood blockbusters including Sinister (2012) and Doctor Strange (2016). Additionally, Derrickson lays claim to Hellraiser: Inferno as well as a couple of forays into the world of demonic possession. Both Derrickson and Cargill also reunite ...
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Driller Killer - Reno's Bloody Dream

Driller Killer (1979) – Unusual NYC Psycho Killer Trash

Driller Killer (1979) has been in the Malevolent Dark archives for years. Over the course of decades, I probably walked by it 100 times at the video store. I scooped a VHS transfer years ago, but it continued to collect digital dust for years. The word "atrocious" best describes the ...
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Bermuda Island - Mahal Empire
Creepshow - Tom Savini's Fluffy

Creepshow (1982) – An Awesome and Underappreciated Romero Classic

In 1982, the genius of George Romero finally earned the recognition of Hollywood. Coming off of the lackluster 1981 feature Knightriders, George Romero was given a substantial $8 million dollar budget to create Creepshow, a big screen adaption of the accompanying "Creepshow" graphic novella written by Stephen King. At the ...
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Nail gun Massacre (1985) - The implausible swimming pool attack

Nail Gun Massacre (1985) – What a Nice Piece of Shit!

Here at Malevolent Dark we expound on the quality of horror that released in . Classics like Re-Animator, Demons and Return of the Living Dead stand out amongst other great films released in 1985. Among those great films, one stands out for another reason: Nail Gun Massacre (1985). This film shamelessly shovels whatever ...
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Freddy vs. Jason (2003)

Freddy vs Jason (2003) – A Shamefully Indulgent Mess

Everyone loves the idea, right? Who would win in an epic battle to earn the title of baddest slasher of all time? These conversations resonate in basements, Internet forums and bars around the world. But, if we are all completely honest, these royal rumbles almost never work out. Freddy vs ...
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Beyond the Darkness - Hitchhiker Acid Bath

Beyond the Darkness (1979) – Cannibal craziness from Joe D’Amato

Recently, Malevolent Dark reviewed the Joe D'Amato's supposed gore fest, Anthropophagus (1980). To be honest, that film left much to be desired. The claims of unrestrained gore were found to be exaggerated at best. Even the its infamous sequence of baby eating, fails at it's intended purpose. Supposedly, Anthropophagus "upped" ...
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The Munsters (2022) - Richard Brake as the awkward Count Orlok

The Munsters (2022) – Made By Rob Zombie With LOVE

For all the love that the Addams Family gets, I grew up in a Munster's house. For whatever reason, my parents were dialed into the events of 1313 Mockingbird Lane, and this burgeoning horror fan was dealt heavy doses of Lily and Herman. The simplicity of the shows premise, a ...
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Let's Scare Jessica to Death - Mariclare Costello as Emily/Abigale

Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (1971) – Or Not at All

Let's Scare Jessica to Death is a psychological vampire film released in 1971. The film begins with, Jessica (Zohra Lampert), recently release from a mental institution, and her husband Duncan (Barton Heyman) decide to leave New York City for a farmhouse in the country. They bring their friend Woody (Kevin ...
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Human Tenderloin - Short Horror Stories by Craig Wallwork

Check This Out

Session 10 Podcast - Craig Wallwork and Boff IslandSession 10 is a fortnightly podcast where two irregular guys talk about regular horror movies. British horror writer Craig Wallwork, and purveyor of all things strange, Boff Island, walk you through horror movies from each decade. Expect chills, thrills, spoilers, and hilarity.
Matt Schorr's next take on zombified pre-historic beasts - PhantasmadactylsThere's a new, never-before-seen terror in the skies... Thanks to a greedy man unearthing forbidden technology from the past, spectral creatures from another world have crossed over to ours.

Flight of the Phantasmadactyls is the fourth installment in Matt Schorr's terrifying Zombiesaurus Series, which has haunted the dreams of young readers for almost a decade.
Mahal Empire Presents Alien StormFrank McConnelly is a loving father and husband, a brilliant business man, and a secret doomsday prepper. During a party at his Vegas mansion, The President gives an address warning people to stay inside due to a strange weather pattern that is cutting off communications across the globe. The power goes out as the fog rolls in. In the ensuing chaos Frank escorts people down to safety of his bunker. But, In the thick fog something is stirring. Something that hungers. Will the bunker protect them or will they be the next meal?
Morgan Scorpion - Tales of Darkness, Madness and HorrorMorgan Scorpion tells some of the darkest tales horror. She narrates great works from legends including Edgar Alan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft as well as Creepypasta fromthe dark corners of the Internet.