VIPCO & BayView Entertainment to release DEATH METAL and MY CHERRY PIE during the month of May

“VIPCO (Video Instant Picture Company) was a UK based home video distribution company that specialized in releasing obscure and cult horror films – in particular, low budget Italian and American films produced during the seventies and eighties. It promoted itself as the leading distributor of Video Nasties and previously banned films in the UK.

In its first incarnation as an independent company founded by Mike Lee in the late seventies, VIPCO was notable for serving the nascent British home video market with early releases for films such as Driller Killer, The Groove Tube, King Frat, The Legacy, Psychic Killer, and The Slayer.

Today, VIPCO is part of the BayView Entertainment family and continues to release horror films such as Devil in the Woods and Zombie Lover.”




Death Metal is coming to Blu-ray (Region FREE) on 30th May 2023 from VIPCO & BayView Entertainment!


Synopsis: A death metal band is on its last legs after a disastrous European tour and is about to be dropped by their label. Hiring a legendary producer from the Norwegian black metal scene, the band sets out to record their latest album in a remote farmhouse outfitted with top-of-the-line gear. Ivan, the lead guitarist, plans to record The Devil’s Concerto, a piece of music he brought back from Europe that – according to myth – drives audiences mad. What the band didn’t expect was that the myth was true, and they must now survive the curse that’s been unleashed.

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My Cherry Pie is coming to Blu-ray (Region FREE) on 30th May 2023 from VIPCO & BayView Entertainment.

Synopsis: Three criminals on the run find themselves in a bad situation when their car breaks down. They accept an offer from a stranger to take them to meet Cherry, who invites them to stay the night at Pleasant Creek. Unfortunately for the trio, Pleasant Creek turns out to be a notorious old hospital which is now the hunting ground of a masked killer, Crowface, a plague doctor still on the prowl!

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