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“Malevolent provides a platform for horror aficionados to wax lyrical about the dark end of cinema, and cinephiles to get deep takes on their favourite movies and pick up recommendations. I see Malevolent Dark as a treehouse, some cool retreat for horror geeks, built between the crooked limbs of a diseased oak – a skeleton tree with no leaves and looks scary as fuck during a lightening storm.”

— Craig Wallwork, author of Human Tenderloin. 

This site is a labor of unrequited love. I have been an avid fan of horror movies my whole life.  Looking for a creative outlet, I am writing historical reviews of old horror movies with intent of eventually graduating to more expansive commentary on the state of the genre and the evolution of the art.

Hopefully, those of you that share these passions will share your views. We will consider guest writers.

Please contact me at to discuss opportunities to work together.


— Malevolent Dave