2/14: The Calling Hours Horror Podcast Vol. III, Ep. 11: Writer/Producer/Actor and Convention Coordinator Matt Burns


Writer/Producer/Actor and Convention Coordinator Matt Burns will be my guest this evening. We will be discussing his film career including such titles as RADIOACTIVE FLESH EATING FOILAGE (2015), DEATHBOARD (2020), BLOODY SUMMER CAMP (2021), Z-ERO (2023) and KILLED ON ARRIVAL (TBA). We will also be discussing his work on the horror convention circuit, in particular the Carolina Fear Fest that takes place on Memorial Day Weekend in Raleigh, NC as well as the current state of horror in cinema and a bit about the ratings system.


In our Digital Dismemberment Spotlight, I will be comparing the 3 Disc DVD release of SUSPIRIA from Anchor Bay Entertainment to the 2 Disc Blu-Ray from Synapse Films.


In our Dread Caricatures segment, we will be covering the Avatar Press comic PLAGUE OF THE LIVING DEAD #1!


There will be three bands in our Metal Massacre Spotlight this evening from Imperative PR and Comatose Music!

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