Amber Road (2022) - Mary Janet Wang gets tortured pretty graphically

Indie Thriller “Amber Road” Slashes its Way to VOD

  • Amber Road” keeps audiences squirming with its close-up gore

  • This intense thriller is now on Amazon and Apple TV

Where to Watch

 HOLLYWOOD – The low-budget, independent horror/thriller, from Koa Aloha Media has arrived on streamers such as Amazon and AppleTV.

“Amber Road” is a horrific tale about dark web red rooms that had festival audiences squirming in their seats last year with its close-up gore and relentless intensity.

The movie stars William McNamara (“Copycat”), Janet Wang (“Bermuda Island”), Rachel Riley (“The Electric Man”), and Elissa Dowling (“The Most Dangerous Game”).

The ensemble cast also features some familiar faces in key roles including Robert LaSardo (“The Mule”), Vincent M. Ward (“The Walking Dead”), and Vernon Wells (“The Price We Pay”). “Amber Road” also serves as one of the final roles for Tom Sizemore (“Saving Private Ryan”).

The movie is written and directed by low-budget horror veteran B. Luciano Barsuglia, who crafts a strong story, gives the actors room to shine, and keeps the blood flowing.

Inspired by the infamous Silk Road, a dark web black market, “Amber Road” takes its name from another historical trade route, and dives deep into the depravity and the malice found deep in the digital universe.

The movie has been received well during its festival run and release on DVD and Blu-Ray with critics saying:

  • “It’s effective and gooey as bits are snipped away,” Richard Gary (Indie Horror Films).
  • “The cast delivers compelling, intense performances. The tension is palpable,” Bobby LePire (Film Threat).
  • “Intentionally disturbing, totally worthwhile watch,” Michael Haberfeiner (Search My Trash).
  • “This film delivers the goods for those that came for the splatter,” Zack Pucket (Malevolent Dark).
  • ” As long as you don’t
    have a weak stomach you should find it a pleasantly unpleasant surprise,” Jim
    Morazzini (Voices from the Balcony).

“Amber Road” can be found on VOD through Amazon Prime and AppleTV, with an uncut version exclusively on Alohastream. Additionally, the DVD and Blu-Ray are available through major retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy.

Barsuglia is currently working on an H.P. Lovecraft-inspired episodic show entitled “Herbert West: Reanimator,” as well as the horror feature “Dinner with the Devil.”

The trailer can be watched here:

Additional information about the movie and its availability can be found on the official website at

EDITORS NOTE: Be sure to check out our exclusive review of Amber Road

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