Where Dreams are Entombed - Chase Will

Where Dreams are Entombed (2023) – Chase Will, Making an Ass of the Arthouse with New Novella


Where Dreams are Entombed tells the story of Tommy Gunz, nee Welter, a musician by trade, but he would not go so far as to call himself an artist. When his job as a hotel concierge ends in confrontation and a night in jail, the frontman is caught in a bind until he receives a lead on an artist assistant job. He makes his way into an underground society bereft of names, limitations, and perhaps even morals. If it means keeping a roof over his head and getting closer to getting his old life back, though, then no amount of blood, sweat, tears, or any other bodily fluids will get in his way. How far is Tommy willing to go for his artistic endeavors? How much of himself will he lose as he tries to find himself among all the brushstrokes and brutality?

Plenty of Meat on the Bone

For a story clocking in at around 150 pages, there is plenty of meat on the bone here. Will chooses not to weigh down the story with flowery language or verbose descriptions of the scenery, as this tale, while about the arts, is a short, sharp shock. This story could have easily gone twice its length and I wouldn’t have complained, though my typically strong stomach might have after some time. Satire of the showcase is the name of the game, from names of various characters (the enigmatic Creator and the sinister Mr. Mahler, whose last name is German for “painter”) to the obscene amounts of money thrown around (Tommy’s invitation to the studio comes with a $100 guarantee) to the methods used to produce the various pieces throughout the novella.

Which is to say that there are only a couple of “let me up” moments. Will covers a great deal of real estate with this piece, and while the length lends itself to finishing this story in an afternoon or so, it is a relentless ride from moment one to moment done. This isn’t a tall boy of your favorite brew, this is a double shot of some stiff-ass liquor best taken in one determined swig. That said, the tail end will produce quite the painful burn, as the escalation of excess gets out and out gag-inducing.

Where Dreams are Entombed – More to Come

We are due for a sequel to this gory gallery in just a few short weeks, and if the scenery in the first installment of Where Dreams Are Entombed isn’t enough to chew on, I can only wonder how we’ll be getting our cultural fill come part two.

Find more of Will’s work at Where Dreams Are En2mbed: Abstraction releases on May 28th. It is also worth noting that Chase Will previously made the Malevolent Dark Top 25 Horror Fiction list in February 2024.

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