Vipco Bayview November Releases

VIPCO & BayView Entertainment announce new releases heading to Streaming and Blu-ray this February

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To those that may not know or remember, “VIPCO (Video Instant Picture Company) was a UK based home video distribution company that specialized in releasing obscure and cult horror films – in particular, low budget Italian and American films produced during the seventies and eighties. It promoted itself as the leading distributor of Video Nasties and previously banned films in the UK.

In its first incarnation as an independent company founded by Mike Lee in the late seventies, VIPCO was notable for serving the nascent British home video market with early releases for films such as Driller KillerThe Groove TubeKing FratThe LegacyPsychic Killer, and The Slayer.

Today, VIPCO is part of the BayView Entertainment family and continues to release horror films such as Devil in the Woods and Zombie Lover.”

Vipco continues that great tradition, so take a look at their newest releases for the month of February!

Carnal Monsters


“A group of girls come across two people who have been tortured only to find out they themselves are about to be picked off one by one in the most bizarre ways.”

STARRING: Harmony Filth, Lauren Annetts, Ian Sen

Harvest Of The Dead Halloween Night

“It’s the day after the events of the first film and Sally Burns and her friends are preparing for a Halloween party. As the evening of fun kicks off, unbeknownst to them, The Plague Doctor and The Creature are preparing to join them.”

DIRECTORS: Peter Goddard, Terence Elliott WRITTEN BY: Peter Goddard, Terence Elliott STARRING: Dani Thompson, David Spinx, Tim Faraday

Its Not A Wolf

“Glauco is brought home after living in solitary confinement. Along with a young girl from the neighborhood, Laura, they will face a monstrous threat that goes beyond logic.”

DIRECTOR: Nicolò Tagliabue
WRITTEN BY: Nicolò Tagliabue
STARRING: Thomas Francesconi, Susanna Valtucci, Nikolas Lucchini

The Things We Cannot Change

“A group of desperate vampires search for a way to stop their addictive lifestyle.”

DIRECTOR: Joshua Nelson
WRITTEN BY: Joshua Nelson
STARRING: David Reyez Adamez, Ziad Alezabi, Jay Barson

Make sure to check out the Vipco and Bayview Entertainment websites for more and to purchase your copies for your collections!

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Vipco Official Website

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