The Headmistress - Fantastic cinematography for this indie film

The Headmistress – Indie Horror from Three Tortured Minds

We just caught word of a new independent horror film produced by Three tortured Minds and Dusty Horse Productions titled The Headmistress. This film hit the streaming channels on March 21st and from the looks of it is very well received. The Headmistress is distributed by Indican Pictures.

The Headmistress Movie Poster

When a debt‐ridden teacher inherits an abandoned lakefront inn, she and a group of potential
buyers visit the property, where they discover a dark, sinister secret and a malignant supernatural
presence determined to keep them there forever.

From the Press Release:

The Headmistress enjoyed a theatrical run in select theaters earlier this month and won the Audience Award for Best Feature Film at the 2022 Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival. “We’re so proud of THE HEADMISTRESS and excited that horror fans all over now have the chance to see it!” said the film’s producers, Glenn Chung, Christopher A. Micklos, and Jay Sapiro. 

The film’s ensemble cast is led by Chicago-based actress Katherine Bellantone, and also includes Tom Dacey Carr, Hunter O’Harrow, Thomas J. McCarthy, Ayden Skye, DeChantel Kosmatka, David
Sapiro, and Valerie Meachum.

Headmistress Stills 08

The Headmistress was shot at a decommissioned nunnery in Oconomowoc, WI. Members of the cast and crew lived together in the abandoned nunnery for nearly two weeks during production, beginning on a Friday the 13th in September 2019. “Arriving at this creepy, isolated nunnery on a quiet lake in the dead of night on Friday the 13th and then bunking down for eleven nights with a group of virtual strangers was just about the perfect way to kick off production on an indie horror film!” the filmmakers noted.

The Headmistress is the second feature from Three Tortured Minds. Critics called their first film, The Nursery (2018), “chilling”, “awesome”, “creepy as hell”, “a real surprise”, and “one of the best
horror films to come out of 2018”.

Malevolent Dark’s take on The Headmistress:

After taking a look at the trailer, we are very excited to get a look at this one. From the looks of it, the team at Three Tortured Minds has done an outstanding job with their production and cinematography. The trailer has some really nice cinematography and some haunting imagery. The design team knocked it out of the park with the movie poster.  From what we understand, this film was shot on the incredibly conservative budget of $50K. From little bit we have seen so far we are dumbfounded by how polished and professional the trailer looks.

The Headmistress promises to harken back to classical horror themes that dive not only into the supernatural but the descent into deep darkness that often follows close behind. In doing so, they interpolate modern tropes like desolation and loneliness that we all experienced during the pandemic.

We are working with Director Chris Micklos to get a hold of a screener for review. Stay Tuned!

The Headmistress can be found on these streaming services:

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