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M3GAN (2022) – Taking a walk in uncanny valley

Directed by Gerard Johnstone and written by Akela Cooper from an idea from James Wan, M3GAN is the next in line in a long history of doll based horror fiction. My first brush with this type of horror came from a Twilight Zone episode “Living Doll” that featured a sentient doll named talking Tina that inserts herself in the dysfunction of a modern American family. The results were absolutely terrifying. The idea that something loved

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Succubus A Distance – Dark, Sensual, Eloquent

Succubus Á Distance Eulogy Media from the United Kingdom became famous for managing and providing PR for a variety of dark music acts like Interlock and Agonyst. As with many organizations, the COVID lockdown either forced change to survive or provided a catalyst for reinvention. During the pandemic, Eulogy Media transformed themselves from a musical promotion company to a full

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drunken Monkey reviews - Martyrs (2008)

Pascal Laugier’s Martyrs (2008), WTF France?!?!

Well, hello there. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Peggy Christie and I’m a horror author from Michigan. I’m so excited that Dave has given me the chance to resurrect a movie review column I used to do a few years back. And it’s pretty much what you think – I drink, get a good solid buzz on, and review a film. I can’t say 100% that the

Malevolent Dave's Satin of Mind Volume 2

Stain of Mind Volume 2 – Teddy Told Me

In this volume, we take a look at some indie flicks like Tom Devlin’s “Teddy told Me To”, August Aguilar’s “He Comes to Kill” and Terry Jarrell’s “Harlow’s Haunt”. In addition, I’ll discuss everything I love and hate about modern filming techniques and clue you all in on why Tubi is the best streaming service for horror. Check it!

Zack Puckett's Corpse Grinder

Zack Puckett’s Corpse Grinder – COMING SOON

Zack Puckett, frequent contributor to Malevolent Dark, spends his days digging through the proverbial dusty crates to find the most disturbing and most obscure in EXTREME horror. In short, Zack watches the seedy underbelly of the horror world… so I don’t have to.

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Session 10 Podcast - Craig Wallwork and Boff IslandSession 10 is a fortnightly podcast where two irregular guys talk about regular horror movies. British horror writer Craig Wallwork, and purveyor of all things strange, Boff Island, walk you through horror movies from each decade. Expect chills, thrills, spoilers, and hilarity.
Matt Schorr's next take on zombified pre-historic beasts - PhantasmadactylsThere's a new, never-before-seen terror in the skies... Thanks to a greedy man unearthing forbidden technology from the past, spectral creatures from another world have crossed over to ours.

Flight of the Phantasmadactyls is the fourth installment in Matt Schorr's terrifying Zombiesaurus Series, which has haunted the dreams of young readers for almost a decade.
Mahal Empire Presents Alien StormFrank McConnelly is a loving father and husband, a brilliant business man, and a secret doomsday prepper. During a party at his Vegas mansion, The President gives an address warning people to stay inside due to a strange weather pattern that is cutting off communications across the globe. The power goes out as the fog rolls in. In the ensuing chaos Frank escorts people down to safety of his bunker. But, In the thick fog something is stirring. Something that hungers. Will the bunker protect them or will they be the next meal?
Morgan Scorpion - Tales of Darkness, Madness and HorrorMorgan Scorpion tells some of the darkest tales horror. She narrates great works from legends including Edgar Alan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft as well as Creepypasta fromthe dark corners of the Internet.