Take the Let Hand Path (2023) - Hal Sinden and Eulogy Media

Take the Left Hand Path (2023) – A Halloween Treat from Eulogy Media

Eulogy Media is set to release ‘Take The Left Hand Path’ on 10/18, just in time for Halloween. First off, I would like to give out a big thank you to Hal Sinden at Eulogy Media for thinking about us this Halloween. You might remember Eulogy Media’s short film ‘Succubus Á Distance‘ back in March. With ‘Succubus Á Distance’ Hal Sinden created a darkly sensual shot-film set to a brooding gothic soundtrack. The film explores the intersections of beauty, temptation and dark desire. Watch Succubus Á Distance HERE.

Take the Left Hand Path (2023) - Two adventuring ladies played by singer/songwriters Jenni Luckit, and Beth Ryan
Two adventuring ladies played by singer/songwriters Jenni Luckit, and Beth Ryan


Imagine our surprise when we unwrapped Hal Sinden’s new short film ‘Take the Left Hand Path’. This time he and Euelogy chose a bit of levity over heady art-house exposition. Hal says the following in the press release:

Given a few of us have come to refer to Hallowe’en as ‘Goth Christmas’, we have been wanting to prepare and produce something ghastly for the season for years now, however our ongoing slate of narrative & corporate productions has so often meant we’ve been short on available time and resources to devote to something fun. This year, an idea came about at the 11th hour, so we threw caution to the wind and allowed the ‘devil may care’ approach to take hold…perhaps in more ways than we imagined.

Thank all that is dark and creepy for the ‘devil may care’ approach; the results are fantastic.

Take the Left Hand Path (2023) - Naomi Bowman plays Nicola, wandering spirit in Leaveslow Woods
Naomi Bowman plays Nicola, wandering spirit in Leaveslow Woods

Take the Left Hand Path

The film begins with two young women taking a foreboding short-cut through Leavslow Woods on their way to a Halloween party. On there way they run into a friend, a friend that died exactly one year earlier in a board-game accident… well, its complicated. Either way, this friend seems to bear glad tidings but, possibly all is not what it seems.

Eulogy Media pulled in a variety of talent for this production. Knowing Hal Sinden’s musical background, it should come as no surprise that he pulled musicians into the production. Jenni Luckit, aka Araya Charles, is a Paris based singer /songwriter. Hailing from London, singer songwriter Beth Ryan also stars. Finally, Eulogy Media alumni actress Naomi Bowman rounds out the three woman cast as the dead friend, Nicola.

Fans of traditional British humor will love the dry deadpan delivery of the dialog. It has the matter of fact delivery of an episode of Fawlty Towers and all the cynicism of The Young Ones. Even the title of the films takes on a clever duality.

The ladies disarming delivery allows each dark little comedy nugget to land without feeling contrived. The disarming nature of the performances does something even more critical to the overall impact of this piece. The light airy humor quickly descends into a very dark place before the the viewer knows it is happening.

For all the laughs and cheeky humor, this film lands in very unsettling territory while taking the care to land one last joke.

I love it for taking my expectations and eviscerating them.

Take the Left Hand Path (2023) - Director Hal Sinder, Eulogy Media
Director Hal Sinden, Eulogy Media

Eulogy Media Crew and Production

It was of no surprise to find the same high level of production that graced ‘Succubus Á Distance’. It starts with the sound design. The production team wraps the entire production with a thick ‘air’ of background noise that ever so subtly creates an unconscious tension gripping the entire work. The film closes with a brooding atmospheric soundtrack that meets every expectation I have for Eulogy Media.

Hal Sinden enlists the help of Assistant Director Dan Newcomb, Camera & Light Assistant Riley Newcomb and Visual Effects artist Dana Fox. The entire production was shot in one night.

Be Sure to Watch the Release – October 28th at 7:30 PM GMT / 1:30PM CST

We really enjoyed ‘Take the Left Hand Path’. Once again, we would like to thank the Eulogy Media team for keeping us apprised of their projects.Find solace in knowing that people like Eulogy are making great Halloween fare for no other reason other than it feels great to share this holiday with friends.

The film will be publicly release on YouTube on October 28th here:
Be sure to watch, comment and like this release. We want Eulogy Media to keep cranking out the good stuff!!!

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