Portal to the Abyss – UK Horror Comedy directed by James McCann and Staring Dani Thompson

I conversations with Director James McCann, Malevolent Dark learned about his new horror comedy short titled, “Portal to the Abyss”. If you love afternoon tea cut with the fire and brimstone of a open chasm into the depths of hell, this one might be right up your alley. Most notably, McCann’s film features Dani Thompson. Those familiar with her career trajectory understand that she has been amassing an impressive resume of blood-soaked horror flicks.

To bring all of these pieces together, James and team are pulling together an extremely aggressive timeline. They are looking to raise $3584 dollars on Kickstarter very quickly. You can check out there project on Kickstarter at the following link: Portal to the Abyss on Kickstarter.


PORTAL TO THE ABYSS is comedy-horror featuring UK Horror Scream Icon Dani Thompson.

The plot centers around a married couple, Ed and Lucy (James M McCann and Tina Sharma) whose apartment holds a portal to the abyss, which has opened due to the presence of the new neighbours, Amele and Jasper (Dani Thompson and Owen Storey) coming over for afternoon tea.


An Amazing Cast: As well as UK Horror Scream Queen Dani Thompson, we also have the British-Indian Sensation Sweeping the Nation, Tina Sharma, star of several feature-films set for release later this year.

A Polished Script: We have a complete, edited screenplay written by James M McCann, that has received rave reviews from the cast members, all of whom agreed to be in the film off the strength of the script before payment was even mentioned. A Highly Experienced Camera Operator, Max Peterson, highly experienced sound technician Luke Hodgkinson.

We have a detailed budget breakdown and shoot schedule for the entire production to keep the project in-budget and on-schedule.  We have the talent and the experience to bring this short comedy-horror in on time and within the budget.

Risks and challenges

The main risk is not getting it filmed within the allotted time, which we feel confident we will be able to achieve due to all of the pre-production (story-boarding and blocking has already been done).

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