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Vintage Horror Crate – Matt Schorr Preparing NEW Kickstarter

We are super stoked to get early new on Matt Schorr’s new project Vintage Horror Crate on Kickstarter. The project is pre-launch, but you can sign up for notifications right now. Those unfamiliar with Schorr’s work, he wrote short comic book series Moby Dick: Back From The Deep. We were so enthusiastic about that project that we made a small contribution. This project will invigorate the horror classics with new stories. The early looks at the artwork indicate that the artwork will retain that vintage patina that horror fans love. The project will be release through Schorr Manor Studio.

Below is the official news release:

Schorr Manor – Vintage Horror Crate


Continuing where Mary Shelley’s tale ended, Frankenstein’s monster continues its rampage across Europe!

vintage horror crate frankensteins monster


The ruthless Dracula takes revenge on the Romanian peasants who drove him from his home before burning it to the ground

vintage horror crate dracula
Dracula: God of the Dead
vintage horror crate werewolf 1
Werewolf Macabre


Set against the comic noir backdrop of a 1970’s American inner city, a wolf-man is unleashed on the urban streets.

vintage horror crate bw bat


A terror-filled anthology of horror tales featuring vampires, monsters, ghouls and more!

Also appearing: The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Phantom of the Opera

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