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Dagr (2024) – A Darkly Clever Found-Footage Film 

Fueled by a spirited cast and skillful direction, Dagr is one of the cleverest found-footage horror movies I’ve ever watched. Directed by Matthew Butler-Hart, the 2024 British film stars Riz Moritz and Ellie Duckles as two social media stars named Louise and Thea who host a popular prank show titled “They Deserve It and If They Don’t Fuck It Anyway!”

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Malevolent Dave's Satin of Mind Volume 2

Stain of Mind Volume 2 – Teddy Told Me

In this volume, we take a look at some indie flicks like Tom Devlin’s “Teddy told Me To”, August Aguilar’s “He Comes to Kill” and Terry Jarrell’s “Harlow’s Haunt”. In addition, I’ll discuss everything I love and hate about modern filming techniques and clue you all in on why Tubi is the best streaming service for horror. Check it!

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