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MALEVOLENT DARK HORROR FICTION TOP 25 MARCH 2024 - Dean Koontz, The Bad Weather Friend MALEVOLENT DARK HORROR FICTION TOP 25 MARCH 2024 - C.J. Cooke, A Haunting in the Arctic MALEVOLENT DARK HORROR FICTION TOP 25 MARCH 2024, Kristohper Triana, The Old Lady MALEVOLENT DARK HORROR FICTION TOP 25 MARCH 2024 - Ronald Kelly, Laurel Hightower, Red Lagoe - The Devil's Backbone

1. The Bad Weather Friend by Dean Koontz

Koontz, a four-time Bram Stoker Award nominee, writes a different kind of thriller about a perpetually nice man named Benny who, after losing everything, receives a strange inheritance from an unknown uncle in the form of a giant crate, which houses a seven-foot-tall entity named Spike whose mission is to help people who are too good for this world. With the help of Spike and a waitress named Harper, Benny plunges into an adventure to discover the enemies who tried to ruin his life.

2. A Haunting in the Arctic by C. J. Cooke

A deserted shipwreck more than one hundred years old is discovered off the coast of Iceland, holding terrors and dark secrets that one explorer feels compelled to investigate.

3. The Old Lady by Kristopher Triana

Triana, a two-time Splatterpunk Award winner, introduces Tracey, the survivalist daughter of a traumatized Vietnam War veteran, who returns home only to face a new danger that launches her into combat mode in an effort to help a stranger rescue her friends from a compound run by extremists.

4. The Devil’s Backbone: Appalachian Horror by Ronald Kelly, Laurel Hightower, and Red Lagoe

Book 13 in Crystal Lake’s Dark Tide series features novellas about the dark heart of Appalachia by three top-notch authors: Splatterpunk Award winner Ronald Kelly, Bram Stoker Award-nominated Laurel Hightower, and Red Lagoe.

5. Among the Living by Tim Lebbon

The author of The Silence (adapted into a Netflix film) writes about a horrific contagion, lying dormant in the Arctic for many millennia, that is unleashed by an exploitative mineral operation. The incident forces two estranged friends and rival teams to work together to survive a perilous journey across the frozen landscape.

6. The Hollow Dead (Gravekeeper Book 4) by Darcy Coates

In Book 4 of the Gravekeeper series, Keira and her loyal group of friends must try and stop an organization profiting off spectral energy produced by hundreds of tormented souls.

7. On a Clear Day, You Can See Block Island by Gage Greenwood

Four years after enduring the darkest experiences of their lives, a trio of troubled siblings return to the island to face their demons in a coming-of-age novel about grief, PTSD, and how some horrors never end.

8. What Feasts at Night by T. Kingfisher

In the sequel to What Moves the Dead, Alex Easton has survived and heads to the family hunting lodge only to find the caretaker dead and villagers whispering about a breath-stealing monster from folklore.

9. These Things Linger by Dan Franklin

When a man’s estranged uncle unexpectedly dies, he reaches out to the dead to make peace with the man who raised him. However, things more dangerous than ghosts haunt his uncle’s trailer and the nearby town of Fair Hill, and they are more than ready to answer his call.

10. Y’All Ain’t Right edited by K. Trap Jones

This anthology includes 16 tales of Southern Extreme Horror by 17 of the best authors in the subgenre. Features stories by Kasey Lansdale and Joe R. Lansdale, Edward Lee, Jeff Strand, Wrath James White, Kristopher Triana, Kristopher Rufty, Ryan Harding, Christine Morgan, Daniel J. Volpe, Bridgett Nelson, Gregory Norris, Candace Nola, Eric Butler, Douglas Ford, Lucas Milliron, and Patrick R. McDonough.

11. We Ate the Dark by Mallory Pearson

After the remains of a woman are discovered five years after her disappearance, four women who loved her return home to investigate the haunting murder and uncover dark secrets that put themselves in mortal danger.

12. F.U.B.B.: Hardcore Horror Novellas by Daniel J. Volpe, Candace Nola, and Jasper Bark

Book 14 in Crystal Lake’s Dark Tide series features novellas that are effed up beyond belief by three Extreme Horror masters: Splatterpunk Award winner Daniel J. Volpe, two-time Splatterpunk Award winner Candace Nola, and Splatterpunk Award winner Jasper Bark.

13. Blood Twins by Blair Daniels

The discovery of an old childhood photo leads a brother to find out he had a twin who he doesn’t remember and who may not be as dead as they say.

14. To Hell and Back edited by Joe Mynhardt

This anthology boasts 22 tales exploring the dark corners of the human psyche. Featuring an introduction by six-time Bram Stoker Award-winning author Lee Murray, To Hell and Back includes stories by Jeff Strand, Gage Greenwood, Gregg Stewart, Jasper Bark, Kenneth W. Cain, James Aquilone, Taylor Grant, Colin J. Northwood, Chad Lutzke, Felix Blackwell, J.P. Behrens, Bridgett Nelson, Jay Bechtol, Nick Roberts, Kyle Toucher, Diana Olney, Devin Cabrera, Naching T. Kassa, John Durgin, Francesca Maria, James H. Longmore, and Rowan Hill.

15. Swan Territory by Amy Cross

Book Two in The Horrors of Sobolton series, Swan Territory picks up when a reclusive widow asks for help from the town veterinarian with his flock of sick and diseased swans, leading to dark discoveries, while the sheriff investigates a mystery of his own as he tries to solve the case of a murdered girl. Book Three titled Dead Widow Road is also available.

16. A Dark Web of Monsters by J. Boote

Book 4 in The Monster series finds the detective inspector on the case of a missing, kidnapped girl who is being used to make sordid videos on the dark web.

17. Reader Beware edited by Briana Morgan and Roxie Voorhees

Billed as a Fear Street Appreciation Anthology and an ode to R.L. Stine, Reader Beware features 13 tales of chilling teen horror.

18. The Asylum Confessions: Murder for Hire by Jack Steen

Book 8 in The Asylum Confession Files series features four deathbed confessions from killers for hire as told to a night nurse at an Asylum for the Criminally Insane.

19. Faith of Dawn by Kristin Dearborn

A private investigator, who lost her leg in Afghanistan and struggles with a crumbling marriage and PTSD, returns to the town of her youth to investigate the cold case of two missing college students where she will confront human and inhuman monstrosities.

20. Werewolves edited by Ann Keeran and Kevin J. Kennedy

KJK Publishing presents eight werewolf tales, including stories by Bram Stoker Award winner Tom Deady; two-time Splatterpunk Award winners Candace Nola and Edward Lee; 2018 Bram Stoker Award Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Graham Masterton; and Splatterpunk Award nominees Glenn Rolfe and Tim Curran.

21. Lovely, Dark & Deep by Megan Stockton

A child goes missing on the cusp of a major storm that evacuates an island community, leaving behind a select few to perform a search, while unaware of an ancient species arriving with the storm.

22. Mewing: A Novella by Chloe Spencer

A woman faces the loss of her sanity and her life when a sinister supermodel accepts her into one of the most exclusive influencer co-ops in Los Angeles.

23. Veil of the Damned by Joseph Sackett

Book 1 in The Infernal Descent series follows a man’s quest to uncover an ancient book of untold power, a quest that spirals into a nightmare where his wife disappears and he faces the unspeakable horrors of the underworld.

24. Mon-ters by Kaye Bell

Creatures engineered to decimate armies have been unleashed from Area 51’s clandestine labs, forcing the military to scramble to contain the fatal error and eradicate the evidence. However, an innocent child might be humanity’s only hope.

25. Friends Like These by C.J. Rose

A woman hopes to escape a traumatic past when she attends university, but the past refuses to stay dead as she believes someone is following her, waiting for her to break. But who?


The next 10 releases just outside the chart: King Nyx by Kirsten Bakis; In the Valley of the Headless Men by L.P. Hernandez; Carjacked by Selena Winters; The Hauntings of Elgin Barrett by Elgin Barrett; Texas Author Con’s Head Blown Too edited by Merrill David; Ascension by Joshua Scribner; Modern Grotesque: The New Wave edited by Jason Nickey; The End of Everything: Book Thirteen by Christopher Artinian; Destroy the Dead: Book 3: A Zombie Apocalypse by Joanne Nundy; and The Ghosts of the Titanic: A Supernatural Horror by Matt Shaw.


The Horror Fiction Top 25 is compiled by senior contributor Lionel Ray Green and only includes releases from the previous month using the Amazon Kindle release date (i.e., March chart is for February releases). His chart is independent and subjective but partly based on a personally developed point system using a combination of factors, including media buzz, reviews, and ratings. The Top 25 is released monthly to rank original works and does not include anniversary, author’s preferred, definitive editions, or re-releases. Authors, editors, and publishers with upcoming releases in March 2024 can email the titles of their works to ensure consideration for the next Top 25 to

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