The Malevolent Dark Horror Fiction Top 25 April 2024

The Malevolent Dark Horror Fiction Top 25 April 2024 Edition

The Malevolent Dark Horror Fiction Top 25 April 2024 Edition

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MALEVOLENT DARK HORROR FICTION TOP 25 APRIL 2024 - Murder Road - Simone St. JamesMALEVOLENT DARK HORROR FICTION TOP 25 APRIL 2024 - The Angel of Indian Lake - Stephen Graham JonesMALEVOLENT DARK HORROR FICTION TOP 25 APRIL 2024 - Mean Spirited - Nick RobertsMALEVOLENT DARK HORROR FICTION TOP 25 APRIL 2024 - The Haunting of Velkwood - Gwendolyn Kiste

1. Murder Road by Simone St. James

A young couple suspected of murders along a deserted road dig into the town’s and road’s histories to clear their names, only to learn there is something supernatural at work that could tear the town and its dark secrets apart.

2. The Angel of Indian Lake by Stephen Graham Jones

The third and final book in The Indian Lake Trilogy picks up four years after Don’t Fear the Reaper as Jade Daniels returns to Proofrock, Idaho to build a life after years of sacrifice, only to find the Lake Witch is waiting for her.

3. Mean Spirited by Nick Roberts

The world of an alcoholic teacher and father spirals out of control when a former student is killed, and he is left with her dog and the dark presence that follows it in a novel that pays homage to Stephen King’s Cujo and films like It Follows and The Strangers.

4. The Haunting of Velkwood by Gwendolyn Kiste

Billed as perfect for fans of the Yellowjackets TV series, this chilling novel is about three childhood friends who miraculously survive the night everyone in their suburban hometown turned into ghosts and must confront the past if they’re going to have a future.

5. Dead Detectives Society #1 edited by James Aquilone

An anthology of 13 all-new stories about a secret group of supernatural investigators operating on the fringes of society while working strange cases with little reward. Features tales by Kevin J. Anderson, Steve Niles, Nancy A. Collins, Joe R. Lansdale and Kasey Lansdale, David Avallone, Jonathan Maberry, Lisa Morton, Nancy Holder and Alan Philipson, John Jennings, Tim Waggoner, Jeff Strand, Rena Mason, and James Aquilone.

6. Through the Eyes of Desperation: The Red Version by Aron Beauregard

Includes 17 interior illustrations, this novel is about a troubled man in serious debt with only four days to make things right, forcing him to go to a dangerous underground casino to try and earn enough to solve his problems.

7. Diavola by Jennifer Thorne

A dysfunctional family vacation in a remote Italian villa starts going off the rails with strange noises at night and unsettling warnings from the local villagers as the dark, violent past of the village surfaces.

8. Forgotten Sisters by Cynthia Pelayo

A city’s haunted history and fairy-tale horrors converge for two sisters who live in an historic bungalow along the Chicago River where people are inexplicably drowning, leading two detectives to their door.

9. Creep Out by Jeff Strand

After a man inherits a creepy ventriloquist dummy named Virgil from his father, he has a car accident that leaves him trapped with the evil dummy.

10. Shadow of the Hidden by Kev Harrison

A mix of adventure and horror, this novel follows a trio of characters across ancient North African cities to find answers on how to remove a curse before it’s too late.

11. The Undead 26: Rye by RR Haywood

One battle is over, but the team of survivors can’t rest because the darkest days still lie ahead in Season Five of the long-running zombie series.

12. Lost Man’s Lane by Scott Carson

A teenager explores the darkness hidden within his hometown during a summer internship working for a private investigator who’s probing the town’s most shocking crime in decades after a local woman vanishes, last seen in the backseat of a police car driven by a man impersonating an officer.

13. In a Lonely Grave by Amy Cross

Book Four in The Horrors of Sobolton series continues to tell the story of a small town’s struggle to deal with the paranormal monstrosities on its doorstep. Book Five titled Electrification is also available.

14. Mother Knows Best by Boris Bacic

A happily married couple take in the husband’s mother after she breaks her hip, leading to a rift that sends the mom home and continues a tide of misfortunes for the couple.

15. The Terror of Willow Falls: An Eyebiter Novel by Jay Bower

A teenager forced to live with his Great-Grandma learns about the Eyebiter, sending him and his newfound friends in pursuit of the local legend to discover its secrets before it’s too late.

16. Episodes of Violence by David Bernstein

This book of extreme horror follows a college girl who returns home to heal, but her hometown is wrought with violence that shows up on her front door and rips her life apart.

17. The Church Beneath the Roots by Felix Blackwell

On the Cold Valley Indian Reservation, a horrific accident brings a stranger to town with stories of unfathomable death, while a ghastly figure wanders the night and hideous whispers emanate from nearby caves in a town haunted by a sinister presence.

18. A Graveyard of Stars: Sci-fi Horror Novellas by Lee Mountford, Joseph Sale, and Dan Soule

Book 15 in Crystal Lake Publishing’s Dark Tide series features novellas set in outer space and billed as perfect for fans of Event Horizon, Alien, Dead Silence, and Luminous Dead.

19. Those Left Behind by Tom Deady

Ten years after an intruder killed his family and best friend, a young man is released from a mental health facility and returns home to discover a true-crime blogger who believes the wrong man was convicted of his family’s murders. Is there more to the murders? It’s a question that tests the young man’s mental health because not all the victims appear to be resting quietly.

20. Through the Eyes of Desperation: The Black Version by Daniel J. Volpe

The leader of a dangerous underground casino is thrust back into the murky depths of her childhood memories thanks to a mysterious new bettor whose situation is eerily similar to hers.

21. Mouth by Joshua Hull

A drifter finds himself the caretaker of a hungry, massive, tooth-filled mouth in the ground, and with the help of a wannabe filmmaker, sets out to discover its origins, setting in motion an outlandish scheme that could endanger them all.

22. Seven Rabbits by Timothy King

High school football stars take their annual retreat to an isolated cabin in the woods for a drug-fueled week of debauchery, but they push their victims too far and will finally know what it means to be the victims.

23. Hollow Girls by Jessica Drake-Thomas

Something wakes up every 12 years and takes children, and it is waking again. When a woman’s troubled past is linked to her father’s disappearance, she must return to the woods to save her father and find out what happened to the friend who vanished 24 years ago.

24. Recreational Panic: Stories by Sonora Taylor

A collection of 21 short stories, poems, and a guided meditation exploring the idea that fear is so much a part of our lives that instead of running away from it, we’re finding ways to relax with it.

25. The Saga of Dead-Eye: Book Three: Man-Eaters, Mummies, & Murderous Maniacs by Ronald Kelly

Zombified gunfighter Dead-Eye and Louisiana mojo man Job encounter an abandoned child after an outlaw gang slaughtered her family, prompting them to safely deliver her to her grandparents … and perhaps deal some much-deserved vengeance to the outlaw gang along the way.


The next 10 releases just outside the Top 25 chart:

26. Zombie Fallout: Vol. 22: Bridging the Gap by Mark Tufo

27. What Happened at Sunrise Gardens by Nate Southard

28. Iron Maidens: Twisted Tales of Killer Women by Sarah Jane Huntington

29. Devil’s Claw by Kasey Hill

30. Scared to Death: A Tribute to the Legendary Goosebumps Series edited by Brandon Wills and Dawn Wilson

31. Borealis by Wile E. Young

32. One of the Dead by Richard Farren Barber

33. Headless by Scott Cole

34. Jane Nightshade’s Serial Encounters edited by Jane Nightshade

35. The Maw by Seann Barbour


The Horror Fiction Top 25 is compiled by senior contributor Lionel Ray Green and only includes releases from the previous month using the Amazon Kindle release date (i.e., April chart is for March releases). His chart is independent and subjective but partly based on a personally developed point system using a combination of factors, including media buzz, reviews, and ratings. The Top 25 is released monthly to rank original works and does not include anniversary, author’s preferred, definitive editions, or re-releases. Authors, editors, and publishers with upcoming releases in April 2024 can email the titles of their works to ensure consideration for the next Top 25 to

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