Fang Indiegogo Campaign – Fangk You from Richard Burgin and Malevolent Dark!!!

Thank You For Making the Fang IndieGoGo Campaign a Huge Success!!!

I started writing a long article to say how I felt. I wanted the right words to show how much gratitude I felt for everyone who’s helped me with Fang. Then I realized there are no right words. There’s no way to describe the immensity of making my first feature film without it sounding cliche, or without going off on tangents about the time it took to fix the audio problems, or the times we were on set in January and February, trying to film without central heating.

So I’ll just say this. I thank the cast and crew of Fang from the bottom of my heart, for making my crazy idea come to life. I could never have made Fang without the help of the massively talented people I worked with.

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Fang (20) - Richard Burgin thanks his IndieGoGo contributors

A Special FANGK YOU and Shout Out to the Indiegogo Contributors to Fang:

John Joseph Dunn

Tom Deaver

James Sommerville

Malachy Fergus Godfrey

Julie Brock

Tresa Walker

Charles Solomon, Jr.

Marvin Maddicks, Jr.

David Gelmini

Dominic Webb

Sophia Cacciola

Michael J. Epstein

Sam Salerno

Nick Miles

Mike Mann

David-Matthew Barnes

Stephanie Sack

Natasha Chisdes

Derek Lee-Muller

Matt Ivey

Steven Millan

Michael Mahal

John Dimes

Chris Sanders

Duncan Ralston

Todd Jaeger

Irene Kueh

Karl Morgan

Patrick Boggs

Volker Hannemann

Aaron Wilson

Robert Todd Kennedy

Lisa Ann Swearingen

Brenden McDaniel

Bryan Bonner

Kellen DeRuy

Phantom Mentor

Joseph Kelly

Stacy Kohout

Ken Rowe

Julie Selander

Steve Merlo

Alain Marche

Max Blaska

FANG Production Images

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