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Evil Dead Rise April 2023 – Trailers Released

Evil Dead Rise Trailers Released

The biggest buzz in horror right now is the release of if the Evil Dead Rise trailers. Directed by Lee Cornin, the story at this point is that it took 6500 gallons of the red stuff to make Evil Dead Rise, so expectations are sky high. With a scheduled release date of April 23, 2023 this thing is just around the corner. This new trailer was proceeded by a teaser trailer released just prior. This one made our skin crawl.

From the appearances this one happens in even tighter quarters than the original. A single mother named Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) becomes a Deadite when her meddling kids find an acient tome of evil and inexplicable invoke it. The imagery looks really cool and despite their typical penchant for immediate mayhem, the trailer suggests a slower burn.

The trailer holds an assortment of interesting throwbacks and some new stuff as well. For starters, the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis as an updated look, although it mostly sticks to the important details. I will add that the corners look crisp as if this Cornin pulled off the shelves at Barnes and Noble before putting it to work. Possibly more interesting is the heretofore unexplained transfer of the Khandarian incantations from reel to reel tape to sweet 180 gram black vinyl. Hopefully they scored two copies to beat juggle.

Also we see some demonic truck shots reminiscent of every Evil Dead movie created to date. This time, instead of trucking through the Deadite forest, it rolls right up to a swanky corner apartment building. Moving this series out of the woods and into the city might be one of the smartest moves made, although Ash vs. Evil Dead beat them to that by a damn sight. Fans will demand to know how the book and the vinyl got there, but Lee Cornin will be ready for that eventuality… right?

Finally, we all know that no Evil Dead movie would not be complete without a conveniently placed chainsaw… fans will not be disappointed. With no surprise, this chainsaw and the person wielding it are covered in blood.

So far everything that Warner Brothers has offered feels legit. As far as this blogger is concerned, there is some unpaid debt left by the Fede’s 2013 remake (an unpopuiar opinion we’ve been told). We sincerely hope this has all the fun of its best predecessors. For the love of god, give a couple of characters to care about. Based on the trailer, if 6500 gallons of fake blood were used, this trailer doesn’t reveal it, but who knows a storm might be coming.

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