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Dinner with the Devil – New Project from Koa Aloha Media for 2024 Release

Koa Aloha Media Begins Production on new horror film, Dinner With the Devil

Horror/Thriller “Dinner with the Devil” Starts Production in Late Summer

  • Gore-filled, character-driven horror movie
  • Starts production in late summer with expected release early 2024

HOLLYWOOD – Koa Aloha Media starts production on “Dinner with the Devil” this summer. This marks the production company’s tenth feature film.

This is a horror/thriller that promises to be filled with plenty of gore while telling a character-driven story about human nature.

“Dinner with the Devil” is the tale of six people who find themselves at an extravagant dinner party hosted by someone claiming to be the Devil himself. Three of those people have already made their deal and their payments have come due. Three of the people are there in hopes of crafting a new deal. Eternity hangs in the balance for each of them.

Jason Zlatkus stars in the lead role as Fenris Black (at least that’s one of the many names he claims to have). Also starring are Crystal J. Huang (“Shameless”), Lorelei Linklater (“Boyhood”), Mike Ferguson (“Amityville Uprising”), Chris Giese (“Impact Even”), and Patrick Peterson (“The Sound of Waves”).

The movie is written and directed by indie horror veteran B. Luciano Barsuglia, who says, “This movie will have plenty of shocking and horrifically bloody moments, but at its core, it’s a story about the characters, human nature, and the decisions they make.”

The movie is expected to wrap by the end of the summer and is aiming for an early 2024 distribution date.

Koa Aloha Media’s recent horror movie, “Amber Road,” is available on VOD and DVD/Blu-Ray. It’s a horrific tale of dark web red rooms with William McNamara (“Copycat”), Elissa Dowling (“The Most Dangerous Game”), Tom Sizemore (“Saving Private Ryan”), Vincent M. Ward (“The Walking Dead”), and Robert LaSardo (“The Mule”).

Also, they have an upcoming documentary releasing soon entitled “The Horror We Make,” featuring horror icons Reggie Bannister (“Phantasm”) and David Howard Thornton (“Terrifier”).

To find out more about “Dinner with the Devil,” visit the official website at

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