LIVE NOW! The Calling Hours Horror Podcast Vol. III, Ep.14: Carl Yorke of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST!



Actor Carl Yorke  (Alan Yates) will be joining us continue the discussion on the controversial film CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST! In this expanded interview, we will touch on the controversy of the film including the sexual violence and real animal killings, the socio-political commentary that shows the film was 40 years ahead of its time, whether the director was a mad genius or a crackpot who was showing violence for the sake of violence and more! This is sure to be an interesting discussion about a film that has a huge historical significance in the genre and the world of film making as a whole!


In our Digital Dismemberment Spotlight, we will be covering Grindhouse Releasing’s 3 Disc Deluxe Edition of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST!


In our Dread Caricatures segment, we will be covering the Avatar Press release of Plague of the Living Dead #2!

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We will also be featuring several bands from the great people at Imperative PR!

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