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The Calling Hours Horror Podcast Vol. III Ep. 29: Carolina Fear Fest Coverage and CRACKOON Director Brad Twigg and Producer/Writer Gary Lee Vincent


First there was Cocaine Bear… Now, CRACKOON!!!

On this episode I will have on Director Brad Twigg (MILFS VS. Zombies, KILLER CAMPOUT, WRESTLEMASSACRE, DEATHBOARD) and Writer/Producer Gary Lee Vincent (MY UNCLE JOHN IS A ZOMBIE!, DESK CLERK, MIDNIGHT, STRANGE FRIENDS) from the upcoming film CRACKOON! We will discuss the making of the film and the amazing FX work on the title creature, if there were any altercations with actual wildlife, why fans of the genre seem to love movies about killer critters gnawing on people, what inspired the story, the amazing cast and crew and more!


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Digital Dismemberment – The Battery

In our Digital Dismemberment Spotlight, I will be looking back at my review of The Battery on Blu-Ray from Scream Factory!


Puppet Master – Eternity Comics

In Dread Caricatures, I will be looking at Puppet Master #3 from Eternity Comics!

PuppetMaster 20210613 0003

Metal Massacre

In our Metal Massacre Spotlights, we will be listening to three songs from the good people at Imperative PR!

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