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The Calling Hours Horror Podcast Vol. III Ep. 30: Director Kathryn Andrea and Actresses Ally Hunter and Samirrah Wright of the upcoming film BLOODY POOLSIDE!

The Calling Hour Podcast - Bloody Poolside


Kathryn Andrea – Bloody Poolside

Director Kathryn Andrea and Actresses Ally Hunter and Samirrah Wright of the upcoming film BLOODY POOLSIDE will be joining us as guests this evening! We will discuss (spoiler free) how the concept for the film came about, what genre tropes will be flipped on their head during this film, the inclusion of a Safety Co-Ordinator on set and what purpose they serve and more. We will also discuss a bit about how women have been treated in the past vs. now in genre films, the continued strengthening of female empowerment in the industry, whether the Awards Shows should add a non-binary category and more. Will certainly be a fascinating discussion!


Digital Dismemberment

In our Digital Dismemberment Spotlight, I will be looking back at my review of Unearthed Film screener release of DREAMING PURPLE NEON!


In our Dread Caricatures segment, I will be covering Puppet Master #4 from Eternity Comics!


We will also be featuring three bands in our Metal Massacre Spotlight: AcidBrain, The Crawling and Cadaver Carnivore!

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