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Teddy Told Me To (2022) – A fluffy bloodbath from Tom Devlin

We are taking an early look at Tom Devlin’s debut at the directing helm of his new feature film, Teddy Told me To. Tom Devlin is no newcomer to the horror genre. He much experience providing the special effects for many movies such as, Freakshow (2007), Someone’s Knocking at the Door (2009), and Puppet Master X (2012) as well as many other Full Moon Feature

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Down and Out in Vampire Hills (2022) – A Charming Horror Comedy Short

We just got our hands on a horror short titled Down and Out in Vampire Hills (2022) directed by Craig Railsback (Dark Classics) and written by Heather Joseph-Witham (Vampires in the Big Easy) This one is currently making the rounds (and clocking major awards) at several film festivals and we wanted to give it a look. To date, we have reviewed any

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Nightmare #1 - Malevolent Dave's Stain of Mind

Nightmare #1 – Malevolent Dave’s Stain of Mind

In this volume, Dave covers the 1981 Video Nasty, Nightmare, the impotent psychological horror of Session 9, Ti West’s ode to the babylonian demon Tom Noonan, Slayer’s nu metal experiement, David Cronenberg’s crimes of the present and the up and coming Evil Dead Rise!

Zack Puckett's Corpse Grinder

Zack Puckett’s Corpse Grinder – COMING SOON

Zack Puckett, frequent contributor to Malevolent Dark, spends his days digging through the proverbial dusty crates to find the most disturbing and most obscure in EXTREME horror. In short, Zack watches the seedy underbelly of the horror world… so I don’t have to.

Malevolent Dark - Write for MD!

Love horror? Write for Malevolent Dark!

Malevolent Dark is always looking for volunteer contributors that love the horror genre and that can provide interesting and new perspectives on the state of the art. We are looking for people that can offer opinions, review pre-releases, compose lists and do cool stuff. We have opportunities for exclusive interviews with producers, cast and crew.

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Night of the Werepossum

Silver Bullet (1985) – The Unforgettable 80’s

Silver Bullet is 1985 horror film starring Corey Haim. It tells the story of a werewolf that terrorizes a small town called Tarker's Mills, Maine. The producers adapted this film from a Stephen King short-story called "Cycle of the Werewolf". Likewise, Silver Bullet integrates Stephen King's trademark coming age narrative.

Marty ...
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Lifeforce (1985) - The London Space Vampire Massacre

Lifeforce (1985) – The London Space Vampire Massacre

The year 1985 proved to be an epic year for the horror movie business. That year saw the release of Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator as well as George Romero's Day of the Dead. 1985 also saw the release of Dan O'Bannon's The Return of the Living Dead and Lamberto Bava's Demons ...
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Halloween Kill - Michael Myers Escapes the Flaming Basement

Halloween Kills (2021) – Kills My Love For Halloween

Here we are again. Reaffirming what Malevolent Dark has been saying for years. The Halloween franchise has a depth problem. it really does, and frantic attempts at sequels will not change that. We now have the second act of the recent Halloween revival, Halloween Kills (2021) as damning evidence of ...
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Burned in my brain

Tombs of the Blind Dead (1972) – Espantoso

Tombs of the Blind Dead (1972) is a a Spanish-Portuguese zombie film. Generally, Spanish zombie films are a bit of an acquired taste. I hunted this film down because of a horror picture book that I have had for decades. In this book were pictures of The Blind Dead. Subsequently, ...
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The Ringmaster (2018) - An ambitious monolog to start the film

The Ringmaster (2018) aka Finale – A Cringeworthy Circus of Violence

The Ringmaster (2018), also known as Finale is a Danish horror film by director Søren Juul Petersen. It revolves around two female gas station attendants who are kidnapped by a ringmaster who forces them to take part in a gory game show for an online stream. In part, the film, ...
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Pearl (2022) - Mia Goth rages as the titular Pearl

Pearl (2022) – 5 things kickass things about Ti West’s prequel

In early 2022 Director Ti West and his team released a love letter to 70's horror with X (2022). Lead actress Mia Goth brilliantly portrays two fantastic characters: an old and the grizzled murderess named Pearl, and the young vibrant porn-star, Maxine. Knowing the radical success of both of these ...
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Jason X - The Jasonator

Jason X (2002) – Could Have Been Bloody Worse

Sequels, if they aren't bad by the 5th installment, they certainly bad by the 10th. Hopes are not high for Jason X. For those still dialed in, this movie follows the abysmal Jason Goes to Hell where Jason has been disembodied and is possessing various people that are unlucky enough ...
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Udo Kier - Staked

Blood for Dracula (1974) – A Different Look for the Count

As a huge fan of the vampire genre, and huge fan of Dracula, I find myself almost universally revolted most adaptations of the story. Beyond the glory of Max Schreck and Gary Oldman lies a sea of disappointment. Here are some thoughts that I suspect will be very unpopular. Bela ...
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Please Don't!

Zombie (1979) – A Descent into Italian Horror

A shrouded body rises from the dead. A man, silhouetted against the sun, points a revolver and shoots. "The boat can leave now... tell the crew". This classic scene opens one of the great Italian horror films, Zombie, directed by Italian horror master Lucio Fulci.  I selected this review as ...
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Hammer Films - Christopher Lee as Frankenstein's Monster

The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) – Definitive Hammer

The story of Frankenstein has been adapted as often as any other story in Hollywood. Despite the re-telling of this tale, the image of Boris Karloff with his boxed off head and bolts in the neck continue to serve as the iconic picture of Frankenstein's Monster. The Curse of Frankenstein ...
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Zombie Holocaust - The Chop

Zombie Holocaust (1980) – A Memorable and Gory Forgery

Anyone that has succumbed to the curse of loving horror movies quickly learns that getting a fix is a problem. In the United States, there are only so many movies to choose from. Of those, many bow to a prescribed box-office formula. Eventually hardcore horror fans must look for international ...
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The Black Phone (2022) - Ethane Hawke as The Grabber

The Black Phone (2022) – Well Made Mediocrity

Directed by Scott Derricksen and and written by C. Robert Cargill, The Black Phone reunites a power packed duo that took on Hollywood blockbusters including Sinister (2012) and Doctor Strange (2016). Additionally, Derrickson lays claim to Hellraiser: Inferno as well as a couple of forays into the world of demonic possession. Both Derrickson and Cargill also reunite ...
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